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This page has everything you need to bring Dr. Cassandra Extavour’s story and science to life in your classroom. Using the links above, you can find a free downloadable poster that you can display on your classroom walls, a downloadable slide deck featuring highlights of Dr. Extavour’s work and life, and a resource page with lesson plans related to the themes of her research.

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Science Spotlight:
Evolutionary Biology


What is evolutionary biology? Why does is matter to your students?

These are some of the core questions that drive Dr. Extavour’s work. is a geneticist who studies evolutionary and developmental genetics. She uses a number of model organisms in her work, including crickets. Her work has helped us better understand how natural selection works. including is known for demonstrating that germ cells engage in cell to cell competition before becoming a gamete, which indicates that natural selection can affect and change genetic material before adult sex reproduction takes place.[3][4] She was also the Director of EDEN (the Evo-Devo-Eco Network), a National Science Foundation-funded research collaborative that encouraged scientists working on organisms other than the standard lab model organisms to share protocols and techniques

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