How it Works

Scientist-of-the-month toolkits


We partnered with a team of educators to develop monthly toolkits that are easy to implement and tailor to your classroom. When you sign up for the program, you will receive ( 1 ) access to download our digital toolkits, which contain all of the necessary media, and ( 2 ) a school year's worth (10 months) of everything you need to dive into the story and science of a different researcher every month. You can use one of the three recommended lesson plans (1 class period, 3 class periods, or Month-long Supplementary), or mix and match resources to build your own. Toolkits are available at two levels (Grades 5-8 & Grades 9+).


Scientist Stories

Working their way through high school; first generation college student; navigating prejudice; pursuing a career in music; hating math. It's important for students to know the many paths that successful scientists take to get to where they are today. We tell the stories of scientists with a focus on the challenges and characteristics that are most likely to resonate with today's youth.

Monthly toolkits include:

  • Large poster display of the featured scientist, including fast facts about their personality, background, and interests

  • Powerpoint presentation introducing their personal and scientific journey

  • Facilitated group activity & discussion guides


Learning Modules

Our activities are designed to give students an insider's look at the work that each scientist specializes in. Additionally, they are designed to showcase the many ways that STEM fields spark curiosity, answer exciting questions, and effect society in ways students may not expect.

Monthly toolkits include:

  • Multimedia resources and readings introducing their science and its impact on the world

  • 1-hour science activity inspired by their research

  • Month-long science activity inspired by their research

  • Facilitated group discussion guides


Practical Knowledge

Many kids graduate high school with little understanding of the steps they can take to pursue a career in science, the options for applying STEM degrees, or the strategies for overcoming obstacles. Every month we include skill-building and nature of science tips to increase students broader understanding of what science looks like in the real world. Many of these resources are digitized and made available online for students to access.

Monthly toolkits include:

  • Chart of scientist's unique path, as well as alternative paths in the field

  • Next steps and resources available for students interested in related work

  • Introduction to institutional terms (e.g. "peer-review", "industry", "research lab")


Supplementary Resources

Toolkits also include a list of recommended resources for expanding or customizing your lesson plan. The best educational materials from across the web and nonprofits are curated each month. Check out a few of our favorite science diversity and outreach initiatives below.

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