This page will include practical tools for students interested in pursuing a career in STEM. This site will make it easy for you to identify next steps, explore what daily life is like as a scientist, and check out the many options you have for careers in STEM. It will focus on the following:


the basics

Not sure where to start? This section gives you an overview of science in the modern world.

  • Learn the basics of the scientific process, research labs, peer-review, and common stages in research careers.
  • Read scientists' answers to Frequently Asked Questions about daily life and the challenges they face in their work.
  • Check out our step-by-step guide for getting started in a STEM career.

stem pathways

Interested in science but not sure what you want to do? This section breaks down common careers and pathways across STEM fields.

  • Compare the pathways that our featured scientists took to get to where they are today.
  • Explore the huge range of possible careers in STEM, including benefits, challenges, and checklists for common steps and requirements.
  • Use our resources to reflect on your interests and challenges to see what career or next step might be right for you.


Know what you want to do and just looking for ways to get there? This section is dedicated to connecting students with a catalog of existing resources that make it easier to success in STEM.

  • Check out research labs looking for support in exchange for training.
  • Explore online courses and media dedicated to extending your knowledge in a specific field or building your skills as as researcher.
  • Explore our list of suggested experiences - such as workshops, mentor programs, camps, or internships - that might help you get a taste of what a career in STEM could be